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15 Jun 19

Reject Yourself

There will not be anyone in Heaven who did NOT reject himself. How can you be born again without rejecting yourself and experiencing the Cross? Isn’t that the teaching of Jesus Christ? If you cannot reject yourself, you are not worthy of Him. If you cannot go against yourself, how can you lay your life for others?

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06 Jun 19

New Creature in Christ

If a person was doing drugs all his life and suddenly heard a message of another way of living, where he decided to quit doing drugs, although he may still have urges, does he consider himself a drug addict? Does that mean he is still a drug addict? How can he become a drug addict? If he starts doing it again, but as long as he chose the new life and he stays in it, over time, those things fall away. So when does he become free, not a drug addict? Is it later, or is it right away?
Now apply this to the spiritual. If you have chosen to be crucified, count yourself dead and a new being, because the Bible says so!

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24 May 19

Spirit of God: Inside or Outside

The Spirit of God has always spoken to the person from the very beginning, since the person was created. From the very beginning, the Spirit of God was OUTSIDE of the person because the person chose to live on his own. Only a few individuals in the Old Testament had the Spirit of God INSIDE of them. The prophets spoke of things beyond the law, because the Spirit in them was above the law. What was the difference between the people who understood from the outside – versus those who understood from the inside? The teaching of Jesus Christ can be understood from the outside or from the inside. The Word has to be INSIDE of you, it has to become yours! A religious person confuses this and thinks that the law in him is the Spirit of God. In fact today it’s so easy to make the teaching of Jesus Christ the law, making it difficult to discern whether or not it is the Spirit working in the person, or the ability of the soul, the power of the will, the power of the mind.

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10 May 19

Be Found in Christ

“If ye continue IN My word, then are ye My disciples Indeed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:31-32
“If ye abide IN Me, and My words abide IN you….” John 15:7

What does it mean to abide, to be found “IN” Christ? His Word, His Teaching – is Christ. What does it mean to abide IN His word? Whatever you are consumed by, whatever you are stuck IN – that is what you are IN. When you read Scriptures, do you find yourself IN them? Or is it an unreachable goal: “I want to be like that, but I’m not like that”?

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03 May 19

Seek First the Kingdom of Heaven

Christ did not teach about a good life here! He taught about ANOTHER world, about the Kingdom of Heaven. As we live our lives on this earth, day to day, we are either seeking and investing in the Kingdom of Heaven, or investing in the earthly, the passing. There is another world, another life that is coming, this life will last forever. What you experience in your heart right now, THAT will be forever!

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20 Apr 19

Freedom in Christ

“If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” John 8:36
Only the one who has freedom, can grant freedom to someone else. If a person is enslaved, he cannot grant this freedom. When Christ died and resurrected, He destroyed slavery. Christ is the Master of FREEDOM. Therefore, if He shall make you free, you will be free indeed! What an opportunity everyone has today! Freedom from sin – is what Christ brought and He gives it as a gift. You just need to take it at its Word.

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