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What Is Sin?

No believer in God wants to sin. A person repents, renounces the committed sins, but never comes to the essence of the sin! No matter how much he repents – the sin continues to produce its fruits, and they appear and express themselves again and again. There will be no victory, until a person finds the truth and realizes the essence of sin.

This World

How very important and vital it is for the believer to understand what this world is! For how can you to get out of something, not knowing what it is? To get out of this world, one must understand what this world is, what it consists of, and how it manifests itself. Great is the darkness of ignorance on this issue among believers! A lot of people consider themselves to be not of this world, that they have come out of this world, when in reality they make up this world and completely live the life of this world! This question is very serious and deep. A person's life depends on such a question, since the image of this world passes!

Romans Chapter 7

Romans Chapter 7 is a very serious and deep chapter. Unfortunately, many christian denominations do not understand this chapter. Apostle Paul clearly describes in this chapter the man in whom the law of sin and death reigns. Unfortunately, many christians today, living under the law of sin in death, not understanding it and not being freed from it, reassure themselves that Apostle Paul speaks of himself here, which means that everything must be okay and good with them. But if we carefully study Scriptures, then we will see what Apostle Paul is really talking about here.
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