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Who are we?

We are simply Christians, sincere believers in God, and His pure Word in the Bible, without any alterations or additions. God’s Word is our Life and our daily Bread!

How things work here?


Main page

Here you will find the news feed of our latest published articles. The top section is automatically updated and includes our latest videos.


Faith Topics: Sermons

The basis of our teachings is the Holy Scripture – the Bible. On the Sermons page, you will find the following questions outlined: What is Sin, Being Born Again, Repentance, and so on. When you select the topic of interest, you will be taken to the actual sermon, along with its related topics.


Faith Topics: Discussion

Here you will find the correspondence and communication between our brothers and sisters on questions of faith, published in the form of short articles.


Here you will find the personal experiences and various reasoning from the Bible of our brothers and sisters in Christ.



Music touches the heart and our desire is to spread the Word of God through music. Our music albums are created by various individuals and musicians who are united by one thing: the belief in the pure Word of God.


About Us: FAQ

Since you have landed on our page, you are probably wondering Who We Are?, What are We About?, and most importantly How Do We Believe? Here you can find our Frequently Asked Questions.


About Us: Contact

Here you can contact us. On the map, you can find the church nearest you, for a closer dialogue. We are always glad to communicate with those seeking to know the truth on the basis of Scripture.


Children's Corner

One of the main concerns for our children is for them to grow up loving and knowing God and His Truth! Here we seek to share our Children’s lessons, ideas, and songs.

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