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From the very beginning, the Truth was with God. The Truth was, is, and always will be with God. The Truth is good for the people, because God is a good God. In the beginning, there was also a liar, that lied about God and accused God of not telling the truth. The liar always tries to make God to be the liar. Over time, the liar dominated the whole world and many people began to believe that God is not just, has no mercy or sensitivity towards the suffering of men. This lie spread like leaven throughout humanity. It always comes down to Two words: one is the word of Truth and the other is a Lie. And what do people lean towards? Why is it that people tend to lean towards the lie? The lie is so convincing, because you can “see” it. It’s in front of your nose, just like the fruit that was hanging in front of Adam and Eve. Know the Truth so that you don’t believe the lie! The Truth is God, the Truth is God’s Word, the Truth is that God is a Loving God.

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