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What is the difference between an animal and a person? Let’s compare a dog to a human. A dog is walking down the street in the evening and out of boredom decides to bite a cat. This is an evil action. But on the other hand, the dog can’t be any other way, because it is a dog. And the most important thing here is that the dog does not begin to feel bad because of this action, this “evil action” does not send it into deep depression. But if we take an ordinary person, from an evil action, the person becomes ill, tormented, sad, even suicidal; or the opposite, the person completely gives himself up to evil to the point where the conscience no longer judges him. A person’s conscience is able to “work” depending on what the person was taught. I remember this from childhood, looking at my friends, which I had many, beginning from school. There were a lot of things that I could not allow myself to do (which they did), because my conscience would judge me for it. I was raised in a Christian family, one can imagine what I was taught. My friends came from troubled families, and their actions were often shocking to me. They could easily do evil and filthy things and enjoy them. And their conscience would not judge them at all (in this case). So, what judged me? I was judged by the law, this was the difference between me and my friends, who were not brought up in the law. They also had a conscience. But the actions of my conscience and their conscience were completely different! Because of the fact that the law is in effect. First, it is always the law that judges. Conscience is the spirit, which pressures from within, taking occasion from the law. If there is no law – there is no pressure from the conscience. Let us reason further. I looked at my peers and wanted to do the same as they did but something inside me would stop me. What was that, the conscience?  Then why did it also not stop them, after all, they also have a conscience? So, it is not the conscience that stops, but the law (someone’s upbringing, or what you wish to call it). 

To continue further: where does the desire to do evil come from? From the spirit. And that is the conscience. The spirit pressures, lures, captivates…; the law in the soul (my understanding, feelings, fear of punishment, and so forth), says no you can’t! Eventually I snap and break the law and do something evil. After this, terrible torment begins – the conscience begins to devour me. And the same spirit that captivated me, now begins to torment me. Notice with my soul (my mind, understanding, and even will) I did not want too, I resisted, but a certain power (Romans chapter 7) opposed my mind, my will (the spirit is stronger than the soul). 

So, then about the spirit. Many Christians understand that it exists and acts in a person. Only no one knows how it acts? Where it is? What it’s like? There is no talk of conscience for them – no one even comes close to the idea that the conscience is the spirit of the person. From here many Christians today have confusion: they have a soul, a conscience (something good), and spirit (but they don’t know where it is located). And turns out the person is no longer three (as the scripture teaches us), but five! Something like this: 1. Physical body, 2. Sinful body, 3.Soul, 4.Spirit , 5.Conscience 

These questions are very important. I must know the spirit of Christ in me and learn to listen to it. The conscience is always speaking in me, and in my conscience, is Christ. As before when the conscience would pressure and pull towards evil, today Christ leads and speaks with kindness, love, joy, wisdom, light and truth. 

Until the first person, Adam, ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, he did not know what was good. Just as the example with the dog that doesn’t understand what is good and what is evil, for the dog everything is the same, there is no difference whether it bites a lot of cats or not. 

Let’s take a look at what kind of fruit Adam ate? This was an acceptance of death (sin), after which the person began to understood what is good (suddenly they saw that they were naked). Evil began to live in him and he began to understand that there is good. Even though he was surrounded by good (at that point there was nothing else), but he could not value/understand this good. Question: where did the evil begin to dwell? In the mind? In the soul? Evil is a spirit. A person has such an “organ”, the conscience, where the spirit lives. It is either the spirit of God, or the devil. The person chose the “tree of knowledge of good and evil” not the “Tree of Life”, therefore as into a vessel death was poured into him. 

This is why a person became capable of valuing good. But good itself comes from God. Death and sin, is a spirit within a person, that is not capable of doing anything on its own, it needs a soul, a mind, a word, a body. But in a person’s soul, from the very childhood, a good word is sown, which envelopes the soul, becomes a habit, becomes normal. But the spirit of death seeks for a way out, for a way to express itself, it seeks to take control and submit the soul to itself. Therefore, if the person is bound to good, and holds on to the law, then his conscience will not be able to judge him. The devil is the one who torments, condemns, reproaches. In order for him to “break” the law, in other words in order for him to shake it like a fence and knock it over, (Romans 8:3: “For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh”), he must convince the person of its weakness, worthlessness, and failure. To achieve this the devil pulls the person to sin, and when the person is not able to withstand and breaks his laws, then the devil begins to judge the person in order to bring the person to a state of disappointment. 

In this way, the society is corrupted and then the devil “lives fruitfully”. Thus, the influence of the conscience in the person is directly connected with the law (with how the person was raised, their values, rules, ideas, and even culture, and so on). If a person’s conscience was good then it would always act the same, it would condemn the person for evil actions. But everyone understands that it is not always this way. There is even a saying “everyone thinks to the extent of their corruption/wickedness”. The conscience is only able to judge the person to the extent that he is corrupt or not corrupt in his soul, in his upbringing, where he grew up, and in what conditions and under whose influence. If a person is brought up in a way, that for him an evil action is normal and right, then his conscience will judge him for not doing evil.  From here one can clearly see that the conscience is a spirit that constantly and without a break pressures the soul of the person, who lives according to the law. And this is precisely why the person suffers. Why the person seeks for comfort in wine, or drugs, or from pills for sleep. The spirit takes occasion from the law, and with this same law begins to provoke: “but what is so terrible about this, just try it…”. Meaning if the law didn’t say “you can’t” then there would not be any interest and the spirit would be inactive.  For example, there is a toy laying around, the kids are walking around it and no one is interested in it, until someone begins to play with it. And then suddenly at once everyone is interested in it, and the kids all begin to take the toy away from each other, and screaming begins, until you finally take the toy away and hide it. The conscience of the person is the same, it is a spirit that sits quietly, while there is no word, no law, no rules. Are there any people that can live without rules, laws, understandings? That is impossible, otherwise people would be like animals. 

In other words, the devil captivated Adam and Eve from the outside, while being outside of them; today the serpent captivates exactly the same, only he is already on the inside. But the point is the same. The only difference is that being inside the person the devil is already the master and the person is his slave. 

The devil’s greatest success is in the fact that he is able to hide himself so well that no one can find him. And how can you battle with the enemy if you don’t know his location?  Even though Christ said: “You are of your father the devil” and “out of the heart come evil thoughts…” and “death spread to all men…” in other words, the bible gives a clear indication that the devil is inside the person, in the person’s heart! But people still don’t want to believe this. The only thing that they agree to is that the body is sinful; but what exactly is sinful? Is it the blood that became sinful? Or what became sinful? Isn’t the body sinful because the master of the body (i.e. the one who lives in the body) is sinful? Because sin is a spiritual phenomenon! And this is where confusion occurs. People can’t imagine that devil lives in the heart, because the person after all remains an intelligent being, who is compassionate, able to love, can be sympathetic and merciful. All of this is in the soul, it is from the good word that has always sounded and continues to sound in this world. But the fact that in the spirit a person is struck by death, and that the spirit of the person becomes one with the devil, remains a mystery. And this is the law of sin and death. This is an unfortunate pattern, when the spirit of the person is one with death. And this is the root itself, which is deeply hidden, not easily seen, just as with a tree that has its roots deep in the ground. Same with the person, his conscience is in the depth, and no one can see it. But it is in death. 

Jeremiah 17:9-10: “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? I the LORD, search the heart, I test the mind, even to give every man according to his ways, according to the fruit of his doings.” 


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