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I was thinking about patience, about what it is and why do I need it.
God is love, and in 1st Corinthians chapter 13, love is described in detail and a part of love is patience. So, in order to have patience you need love, because love is patient.

Is it possible to be patient even without love?

Yes, you can be patient because you love yourself and would like to have the best things for yourself. For example, you are patiently waiting for your husband to change his mind so that you can get what you want, or you are patiently waiting for your monthly payments so that you can finally buy a house.

Compared to this, what is God’s patience?

God is patient with us and with the whole world. If I look at the news I see only destruction, the human hand is evil and is bringing this world to its fall. Sooner or later the world will be destroyed through God’s fire, everything will be melted away under the heat. But why is God waiting? Why is He not destroying us now? Because He is patiently waiting for something. Thinking of this I came to the thought that just as God is patient with us and is waiting, then we also must be waiting for something if we are patient.

I asked myself: Why am I patient? Why do I need it? What am I waiting for?

First of all, I had a thought that life, life in general on earth, is a little thing, a small piece of what comes after it; eternal life which is either eternal suffering or eternal happiness. This life here on earth is nothing but me awaiting the eternal, I am patient.

Second, I was thinking of my spiritual state, my faith. I know that I have to grow in faith because without growth there cannot be life. As some children dream of becoming adults, I also desire to understand and have spiritual growth. The reason why I do not understand certain things is because God knows what I need to experience in order to grow and gain some knowledge from it, and to gain that certainty in God. I want to know more about God, but God is so powerful and almighty that me a little human will not be able to understand it all. To understand God, you need to have patience.

Third, God says: “This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.” (John 15:12). Earlier I said that patience is love, which means if I love my brother then I will be patient with him. How does this patience work? It is simple, my thoughts are: You wish salvation for him and you want to help! But to be patient with your brother because he annoys you, or not telling him something because you do not want to hurt his feelings is not God’s patience. And further can a brother annoy you if you say that you love him? I do not think so, since I do not experience it this way. God lives in my heart and His nature became mine, there cannot be any annoyance or hate. I am patient with my brother, I think about him and not about myself, just as Jesus did.

For now I came to these three points. Patience is God’s nature, and as powerful as God is so is His patience. I think there is a lot more to understand and to experience. I strive for God’s word and I am waiting patiently for the day when Jesus will come and take His church, His body, from this earth. Then I will see His glory and be a final part of it.



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