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Do you find yourself seeking for an escape? An escape from the daily life/routine, from the daily hardships and troubles?

We all once looked for an escape, and maybe some still do. But that’s what we always do, we look and look and look. Some people look for an escape in vacations, others in staying home (locked in a room away from everyone), some look for an escape in relationships and others in things far worse… Life seems hard when you’re always looking for something with no result and especially when anywhere you look, the weight on your shoulders only seems to get heavier and heavier.

You probably think that I can’t possibly understand you, because I haven’t lived how you lived, and I haven’t been through what you’ve been… haven’t walked a mile in your shoes. And maybe you are right, because I am not you. I may not understand your situation, but I mean it when I say I understand, because I walked many miles down that same road, always looking for an escape. But that road is nothing but a crooked road filled with illusions and distractions, it is the road of untruth and the master of the road seeks nothing more than to keep you on it and make sure you never find the True, Eternal escape.

Nothing in this world is real, vacation eventually ends and real life comes back full power, with all its problems, worries and doubts. Because that is the reality of a life on this road, you grow and live and things seem to change, but it’s all an endless cycle of distractions, because on the inside nothing ever changes. You can escape your home, your job, your family, but you can never escape yourself, you may have heard this many times, but it is true!

Life is a path, a path that you experience within yourself, but have you thought about what path you stand on, and where will it lead you? Perhaps you may not like your life, just like I once didn’t like mine, because if you did, you wouldn’t always be looking for an escape, a temporary distraction from the way you live now. I know this path, I know this life, it’s a path of loneliness, anger, sadness, disappointment, frustration, regret, and finally emptiness… You see that your life brings you no happiness, no peace, and at this point you’re so tired that all your emotions just blended into one big void, you see it is all pointless because it doesn’t last, but you still try to fill the void, to find something that you can escape to.

I want to tell you, that there is a way out, a real escape, not like in motivational speeches and empowerment lectures, but a true way out, that is the Truth itself! The Truth will set you free, who hasn’t heard that one before? But that, in fact, is absolutely true, because God and His Word is the pure Truth, capable of freeing from this state, from the path you’re on. Maybe you heard this before, and you already know this very well, maybe you go to church every week and have heard and known about God, and maybe many people told you already that God is the way out. But why can’t you stop feeling the way you do? Why does nothing seem to change? I felt like this many times, I knew the Truth – the True teaching of Christ – I went to Church, and I knew that God is the way out. But the most important thing to understand, to BELIEVE, is How does God free, How is He my escape? Don’t you feel the most alive when you’re happy and content, when everything is simple and peaceful? That is because God Himself is peace, love, and simplicity. Your feelings are temporary, but the True God is eternal and the only way to escape the temporary feelings and obtain the eternal experience of true joy and peace, is to obtain God within yourself! To die and resurrect in Him as a New Creature, and that is the door out of this temporary world into the eternal Kingdom of Heaven! That is the only True escape, the escape from your old nature and this world!


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