Teaching children about the importance of cleanliness.
Teaching children about order and how order and organization helps us.
Teaching children about how our God is God of Order, not chaos!
Teaching children that God is our Wisdom in every aspect of our lives.

Lesson Background

Children are very curious and often times like to ask Why. In fact, they will ask Why to almost anything! Why is the grass green? Why is the sky blue? Why do we need to clean up all the time? Why do we need to wash our hands? Why do we need to take a bath? Why do we need to organize our toys? And the list can go on and on.

This lesson originated when I was thinking of a topic to do with the children on the following children’s church. As I was thinking, I happened to be cleaning my home and so I stopped and looked at the sponge in front of me and thought: Why not do a lesson on cleaning?! God lives in my heart, He is with me always, and He is in every aspect of my life! Even when I’m cleaning, cooking, or scolding my children, I see and experience God in everything! He is the breath that I make, He is each step that I take, He is my Wisdom, He is my Love, and He is my All and All. He makes the sun rise every morning and the sun set every evening! He is Life itself, He is the very reason we are here, He is the Creator, and He is the Truth!

So that evening, off I went to the Dollar Store with my oldest daughter (5 year old). On the way to the store, I told my daughter that we need to find things that have to do with cleaning, so she had fun with this assignment. In fact, she was the one who gave me the idea to purchase tissue napkins and gloves. 🙂

Materials Needed


Gloves (for pretending to “clean”), items/icons to represent “germs” (I found these little “monsters” at the Dollar Store and we pretended they are germs), tissue napkins to give to the kids as a take home item, hand wipes as a take home item, a dust pan & brush (or any other cleaning item of your choice!). During this lesson, we also read a book that represents someone who doesn’t like to be clean or take a bath (I chose a Russian book and re-worded it for the children in English, since I already had this book at home). Feel free to add on to this lesson and be more creative!

Now let’s clean those germs! 🙂

Lesson Description

Begin the lesson by asking the children What order/organization is and How they think these things help us in life? For example, if you put your items away in the right place, you will be able to find them quicker. That morning, my oldest daughter happened to have lost one of her toys and so this was a good way to stress the importance of putting things away in the right place. 🙂 Since she placed it “in the middle of no where,” it took her a lot longer to find it.

Ask the children why it is important to wash their hands? How about take a bath? Discuss what germs are. Discuss also that our God is God of order and not of chaos. In fact, even in the Bible (starting with the Old Testament), God taught people order and cleanliness.

Next, read a story of your choice to the children that deals with cleanliness. I decided to read to the children a very known Russian story about a boy who refused to take a bath. The boy eventually became so dirty, that everything began to run away from him, his pillow, his blanket, his own clothes, and even his own shoes! Why was this book my choice? Simply because I already had this book at home from our grandparents in Russia. 🙂


Since not all of the children speak Russian in our lessons, I rephrased the book in English as the children looked at the pictures. Since the book is short, I found a cartoon on this story online and played it to the children as well.


After discussion time and story time, next we moved on to play time. For this activity, we scattered the “germs” all around, put on our “cleaning” gloves, and took turns gathering the germs. At the end, the children got to keep their gloves and a couple of germs. 🙂 The children enjoyed the cleaning game the most and wanted to play again and again! 🙂