Teaching children to love God’s Words, the Truth.
Teaching children that God’s Words are Sweet (Sweeter than honey!) to those who love Him, love the Truth!
Teaching children about bees and how they work hard to make honey.

Lesson Background

In Psalm 119, verse 103, it is written: “How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!”

Psalm Chapter 19, verse 10, describes God’s Wisdom and also describes it to be sweeter than honey: “More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold: sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb.”

Materials Needed

supplies-honey1-e1426514178629-1024x8531) honeycomb cereal, 2) honey (optional, for discussion purposes), 3) pencil, 4) glue, 5) crayons, 6) construction paper.

Lesson Description

Begin the lesson by asking the children the following questions: Have you ever tasted honey? Raise your hand who has? Can you describe what it tastes like? Is it sweet? Is it Really sweet? Honey is really sweet, isn’t it?! Well, do you know what the Bible tells us about God’s words? Have the children raise their hands and try to guess. God’s words are Never-Ending, they are Truth, they are the Words of Life. But did you know, that it is also written, that God’s words are Sweeter than honey? Can you imagine something sweeter than honey!? 🙂 It is true, God’s words are sweeter than honey to those who love Him, love the Truth! God is Love and His words are Love! And this is what today’s lesson will be about. We will have a very “sweet” lesson today! Show the children honey (optional) and honeycomb cereal. The children can enjoy some honeycomb cereal after the lesson or during the lesson (depending on your choice). Depending on your age group, draw a honeycomb for the children or have them draw a honeycomb on their own.


Then have the children color and decorate their honeycomb.
After everyone finishes their honeycomb pictures, have them glue their honeycomb cereal onto the honeycomb.

After we completed our honeycomb pictures, we actually all had a little “sweet” honeycomb party. Where we drank milk and enjoyed the rest of the box of honeycomb cereal. The children were excited to complete the whole Jumbo box of honeycomb cereal! Make sure no one is allergic to honey of course!