New Heart

A message came from Above, information came from God Himself – that the person is freed from the old nature, once and for all, through Christ, through His death and resurrection. Who believes that today?

Any person that begins to believe something, begins to tell others what they believe. If a person believes that there is a big sale in a really expensive store and everything is 90% off – what do they do? They run over there, try that faith out, and if it worked – they begin to tell others. If a person says I have faith in something, but they do not act on it or tell others about it – that means that faith is dead, it has no substance, it is just information that is not acted upon, which bears no fruit. Faith is always driven by word, by information that you hear. Once you hear that information, if you believe it, then you will act on it…


Death & Life

Death is a touching subject, especially if someone experienced the death of a loved one, someone dear to them. Perhaps death is a subject you try to avoid, try not to think about, or imagine it to be something that is surreal, something that does not pertain to you. Perhaps you imagine it as a natural event occurring at an old age, after you have lived an eventful or ‘fruitful’ life.