The Spirit of God has always spoken to the person from the very beginning, since the person was created. From the very beginning, the Spirit of God was OUTSIDE of the person because the person chose to live on his own. Only a few individuals in the Old Testament had the Spirit of God INSIDE of them. The prophets spoke of things beyond the law, because the Spirit in them was above the law. What was the difference between the people who understood from the outside – versus those who understood from the inside? The teaching of Jesus Christ can be understood from the outside or from the inside. The Word has to be INSIDE of you, it has to become yours! A religious person confuses this and thinks that the law in him is the Spirit of God. In fact today it’s so easy to make the teaching of Jesus Christ the law, making it difficult to discern whether or not it is the Spirit working in the person, or the ability of the soul, the power of the will, the power of the mind.

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