The Church of God can only have ONE foundation and that is Christ. Today, there are so many Christian churches in the world, that it is impossible to count them all! But a serious question arises when you see division a thousandfold – can this really be the structure of God? Does God build a house like this for Himself? That is divided amongst itself into a thousand pieces? Or maybe God has a thousand houses? Doesn’t the Bible teach us about ONE house, ONE building? Why has it become that each Christian denomination or group built something of their own? And somehow all the denominations rely on one stone? But if they all had one stone or the same foundation, then shouldn’t there also be complete unity, as the Gospel teaches us? When Moses was building the tabernacle for God, which is a foreshadowing of the Church, how did he build it? I think everyone knows how everything was specifically held together and connected to one another. And it should be the same for us Christians today; we are the members of the Body of Christ! The building of God cannot be divided within itself! If there are divisions then it is no longer a structure of God but rather a soulful, earthly, man-made structure.

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