How do you know whether you follow man or whether you follow God? It is a question of life and death. Whoever you follow, you will be interested in them, in their words, their way. If you are following God, you will be interested in His Word, His Teaching, His Way, His Will. The words that you follow were either spoken by God or by man… God spoke a pure, clean word. Do you follow the Pure teaching of Jesus Christ, as it is written in the Bible, without any deviations?

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    Took me a long time to see that my parents were right about the world and people in this world.

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      Children realizing that the parents were always right is common. Some realize that sooner, others later. This should bring you to ask forgiveness from your parent. However, this is not enough. Realizing and repenting that you are not right with God now, and never were, is the first right step toward the light.

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